Anthology Gear Compact Full Grain Leather Wallet with Guitar Pick Holder (Aged Steel)

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Price: $59.00
(as of May 21,2021 13:06:46 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Anthology Gear LogoAnthology Gear Logo

Compact Pick WalletCompact Pick Wallet


2 guitar pick holders

Drivers license slot

3 simple card slots

1 simple cash compartment

Dimensions: 4″ x 3″

Why Anthology Gear?

At Anthology Gear, our attention to detail is uncompromising. Every cut, stitch and rivet is worked and reworked until it’s perfect. We fervently work with a drive to create something of lasting value. And beyond our legacy, we hope to create pieces that become a significant part of yours.

Compact Pick Wallet

Whether in the next five minutes, five hours, five days, or five months, at some point, you will find yourself needing to play guitar but suffering from PDS. Pick Disappearance Syndrome. Well, it’s time we finally took off the gloves and aggressively stamped out this terrible affliction.

Here at Anthology Gear, we’re throwing a wicked one-two punch via our wallets and key chains with pick holders. These powerful, proven*, stylish antidotes ensure that multiple guitar picks are rolling with you at all times. (*Side effects may include euphoria, relentless strumming, amplified confidence, extended jamming, excessive soloing, spontaneous gigging, creative stimulation, and sleep loss.)

Compact Pick Wallet SlotsCompact Pick Wallet Slots

Full Grain LeatherFull Grain Leather


Our wallets are hand-made with the highest quality full-grain leathers. All of our leather wallets have their natural marks, scrapes and scars, which means they have loads of raw, rugged personality.

Anthology Gear ThreadAnthology Gear Thread


We use only the strongest industrial grade threads; the same threads used to make parachutes and airbags. That’s strength you can trust.

Anthology GearAnthology Gear

A Lesson in Leather

Why Full Grain Leather over Top Grain, Genuine or Bonded Leather?

Full-grain: The best leather money can buy. The closer we get to the surface of the hide, the more dense the fibers and grain. The further you get away from the surface the more likely the leather will weaken and pull apart. Full-grain leather is the strongest, most durable compared to any other type of leather.

Beyond the attributes of strength and durability, full-grain leather also retains the oils and preservatives, causing the leather to burnish and beautify with age. Over time, our leather will develop real, distinguishing character. We never spray paint our leather to look aged or give it personality. Fake distressing is like lip-syncing at a live performance. We don’t do fake.

Sure, full-grain is much more expensive, but it’s well worth it.

Now, if you’re curious, our list continues with the three other types of leather we don’t use:

Top-grain: Not as strong and durable as full-grain and doesn’t age as well. Top-grain has the very top of the hide shaved off to eliminate aesthetic imperfections. But see, at Anthology Gear, we like these imperfections; they add character to the leather. Top-grain is like digital, auto-tuned vocals. We’re about analog.

Genuine: Genuinely worse than top-grain. When I was younger, I always assumed genuine leather must be good. Hey, it’s “genuine”. Well, so is acne. Next!

Bonded: The hot dog of the leather world. In other words, leftover scraps are ground up and glued together kind of like particleboard. Now you know.

Benefits of Full Grain Leather?

It is the strongest, most durable part of the hide.

It burnishes and beautifies with age.

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: Full-grain leathers and the strongest industrial grade threads. Leather burnishes and beautifies with use
STORAGE: Drivers License Slot 3 simple card slots (each can hold 1-2 cards) 1 simple cash compartment

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Anthology Gear Compact Full Grain Leather Wallet with Guitar Pick Holder (Aged Steel)


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