What’s Actually Stopping You From Your Goals

What’s Actually Stopping You From Your Goals

Natalie Jill What’s Actually Stopping You From Your GoalsYou do NOT have a “problem” achieving your goals. What you may be lacking is Focus. Clarity. And Vision…(let me explain…)

When you ask most people what is in the way of their goals:

  • Some will give you a list of “reasons” or “circumstances” preventing them from achieving them.
  • Some will blame others
  • Some will tell you why they gave up or quit
  • Some will tell you they don’t know “how” to achieve them

But the ones that achieve them?

  • They were CLEAR on what they wanted and why they wanted it.
  • They had a VERY specific VISION of what they wanted
  • They FOCUSED on that vision.

When you have focus, vision and clarity:

  • Circumstances don’t stop you
  • Others can’t stop you
  • You won’t give up or quit because you are clear on what you want
  • The HOW will work it self out. It always does.
  • You do not have a problem achieving your goals. You just haven’t grasped FOCUS, CLARITY and your VISION around what you want.

Shift your blame to asking yourself “what do I want and why do I want it”


Natalie Jill


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